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hiphopeinc Des Moines, Iowa Youth Development Nonprofit

Health, Opportunity, Prosperity, Edutainment


Utilize arts and culture to promote, advocate and support Hope wherever symptoms of hopelessness are prevalent.


Confident and competent youth contributing to the success of Iowa's culture.


Assess and address the symptoms of hopelessness plaguing our youth and hindering them from achieving success.

Our programs include but are not limited to arts and culture production and expression, social development, conflict resolution, gang intervention, life skills, critical thinking, mentoring and career readiness.

Our specific target is high-risk youth who have one or both parents incarcerated and/or who are in the foster care system; have experienced trauma; known to be involved in violent or gang activity; already have juvenile justice system involvement and struggling academically or a drop out risk. We assess their needs through traditional assessments as well as from their artistic works. Then we begin addressing their needs through our programs that provide the life, technical and professional skills high risk youth need to assist them in becoming positive contributors to today’s society.

Hip-Hope is helping to strengthen the community...

by addressing health and safety through programs and services that promote; mental health wellness; healthy and active lifestyles; safety and security with an emphasis on education and youth development. We provide after school programs that include; career planning and human services where we offer skill development through arts and culture for the underprivileged and under served; civic support where we help other outreach organizations reach out and promote hope throughout our community of greater Des Moines. Our goal is to make a significant impact that will positively affect our community mentally, socially, economically and visually.



Hip-Hope’s definition of "hopelessness" is:

lack of options and/or lack of access to resources that inspire hope.


In many of our cases we have found that people are hopeless because they don’t know where to find aid for their impoverished, desperate and destitute conditions. For instance, in one case a family had issues with lack of food. They were unaware that a community garden and a food pantry was in their neighborhood not 3 blocks away. Once we informed them they were relieved stating that if they only knew they could’ve saved themselves a lot of strife. In following up with them they have expressed that their quality of life has greatly improved.

Our hope allows us to envision a world where we can continue to share success stories like this. Hip-Hope has spoke with many of its non-profit partners about promoting their life changing outreach services on social or mainstream media and 100% responded with the fact that they can’t afford to produce content or pay for mainstream advertising. "Hip-Hope wants to help outreach reach out".


Some of our programs teach youth how to produce multi-media content. Developing youth skills in audio and video production gives us the opportunity to produce content for our partners and spreading hope to all. We hope to gather the means to impact 10+ youth and 10 organizations every three months. Raising the awareness of all the great initiatives going on in our metro area will strengthen our community.


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